Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gi Vs. No-Gi

Hi Folks,

Check out this “MMA In The Morning” podcast on Gi Vs. No-Gi, and interview with Billy Hofacker, a brown belt under Matt and nick Serra, and Operations Manager/instructor at Serrajitsu’s East Meadow, Long island location. I met Billy last August when I had the opportunity to train a few days at Serra Jitsu, and he’s a pretty cool guy with lots of fitness and BJJ knowledge. He also taught when of the classes while I was there. With Matt Serra’s highly anticipated fight with Matt Hughes happening next weekend, I’ll blog about my training experience at Serrajitsu some time next week. These podcasts are updated regularly, so this direct link may take you to the most recent podcast as they are added, but you should still be able to find this podcast regardless of when you click on the link above.

Suffice to say, this podcast dispels a lot of the myths floating around about Gi training not really being relevant for those training for Mixed Martial Arts. Check it out and form your own opinions. As for me, I’m happy with what the Gi offers me in regard to technique and control, and prefer to mix a day or two of “no-Gi” training per week in order to focus on “changing the handles (grips)” while preserving the technique learned with the Gi.


Larry, the LTrain

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