Sunday, April 5, 2009

Starting to Work the Darce Choke

Yesterday marked another "first" of sorts for the LTrain. For those of you who train with me, you know that I’m a big fan of arm-bars for finishes, but that I’m expanding more into the realm of chokes and beginning to focus on working my control of my opponent’s back in order to expand my submission game.

Andres, and a couple of other guys on Team Evolution like the Darce choke, a compression choke that one can catch often from “side mount” or from “knee on belly”. I’ve been playing with this choke a bit, and yesterday began to feel comfortable with it while rolling. To view a fairly detailed description of the Darce Choke being applied with great audio cues for those of us who are blind, visit Darce Choke from “Submissions 101”

As always when I’m keen to try something new, I start with a white belt who’s not brand new to the game, but someone with a few months under his belt. Yesterday I got my opportunity with a newer guy who is always rushing to lock in the Darce before he really has control of my body. So after his third attempt, I decided to catch it from side mount, and it actually went fairly smoothly. I guess it was kind of a prickish thing to do to choke this guy out with a move he’s been trying to get to work for him for some time, but it was still pretty funny! I haven’t drilled the Darce as much as other chokes, but I’m usually underhooking the far arm anyway when in side control, and it is starting to feel natural to me to just take this choke from this position. I’m excited to try it some more in my “no-Gi” class later this afternoon on some more advanced guys and to get some feedback from Darren, Andres, and Ulric, another Darce aficionado. Will let you all know how it goes for me, even if it’s a BUST! LOL


Larry, The LTrain

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